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"You know those days where you want to embark in capitalism and end up spending your rent money on a cute dress? Okay, several cute dresses. You walk home in shame, wondering just *how* degrading it would be to do the chicken dance on the street corner for money to make up for what you spent on some of the most fabulous clothes ever! I may be stuck working entry level jobs and eating dried ramen for the next quarter century, but I'll look damn fine doing it!"  Jean W

"I have to admit, I often head into New World for inspiration more than shopping.  They have a great selection of alternative fashions, goth, pinup etc and they're always adding and changing what they've got in. Dresses, shoes, corsets, cinchers, sweaters etc they have a really good selection for pretty much anything from casual to a night out. They also have a decent selection of mens clothing which is nice." Emily P

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